Travel Diaries: Los Angeles, California

Hi my loves!

I just got back from a super short mini vacay in Cali, so of course I have to share my trip with y’all 🙂

It wasn’t my first time in LA but it was my friends, so I wanted to make sure she saw all the hot spots so here’s what we saw and did:

First, the Hollywood Sign. So usually people go to the Griffith observatory to see the sign, but it’s so far away from there and you can’t really get a good picture so we found a place called "the Hollywood sign viewing point" on Instagram and headed there, you can see the sign directly above the little trail and we got some amazing pictures!

Next we did the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The first time I went to Cali I did the walk at night so it was really different in the daytime, but just a hint so you don’t walk the wrong way, all of the famous people’s stars are in front of the Chinese Theater. Yes, we walked the wrong way for a long time LOL. But nonetheless it was so much fun.

After that we drove through Sunset Blvd, and went to Rodeo Dr. AKA HEAVEN. For someone like me whose middle name might as well be shopaholic, this place is a dream come true. Although it is mostly high end luxury retailers, Rodeo Dr. is so pretty to walk down and it’s so picturesque that you just don’t get bored even if you don’t shop. & being a TX girl, the palm trees and the gorgeous views just made me SO happy. We also stopped by Laduree which is on Beverly Dr. right behind Rodeo Dr. and has some amazing macaroons and of course, the most Instagram-friendly aesthetic too.

Post Rodeo Dr. we headed to Beverly Hills. If you follow any blogger on social media whose been to Cali, you know we all HAVE to get a picture outside the Beverly Hills Hotel. It’s so beyond cute and literally the nicest area, we drove past UCLA too which was absolutely stunning, and then we headed to Venice Beach.

Venice Beach was where we went on July 4th, so you can imagine how packed it was. It was SO beautiful, and personally I liked it a little more than Hawaii. You see so many different personalities, and so many different talents all along the strip. & the views are SO gorgeous, you can see the mountains and the palm trees and the boats and it’s just beautiful. Definitely spending more time at the beaches when I go back there one day.

You can shop all my outfits by clicking on the pictures below!

I can’t wait to show y’all what I wore to the wedding in Cali! if y’all follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen the outfits but keep an eye out for the next post! 🙂



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