Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Happy February my beautiful friends!

January felt forever long but now that February is finally here, I am bringing 3 outfits to help y’all out with your outfits to celebrate you and your significant other. These outfits are tailored around 3 different styles – The business professional for the Girlboss who wants to dress for the occasion at work and doesn’t necessarily have a sig. other to celebrate with, The edgy girl who likes to channel the attitude through her outfit and can love but be totally independent too, and the girly girl who can be single, or taken, and will enjoy herself on the day wearing pink, dressing up, and indulging in the Valentines spirit.

Let’s start with The Girlboss

You will have seen this look on my Instagram, and these heels are definitely the statement of the look. They speak for themself, and are perfect for the occasion with their magenta/hot pink color.

The Girl With Edge

Now for the edgy look, I really wanted to try the baker boy hat that is on trend, so I did my best to put this look together to create that adds a little attitude and spunk to the occasion. Keep in mind this is really not my personal style, but I tried so hopefully this inspires some of you 🙂

The Girly Girl

& now for my personal favorite, the girly girl. This is definitely more of my comfort zone and I loved styling this look!

For all of you that voted on my poll on Instagram for a Valentine’s gift guide, that is going to be my next post so don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to be updated of that as well!

& whether you have a date this year, or don’t, I want to tell you all that something I’ve learned over the years is to love yourself first. Investing your love in someone when you don’t have love for yourself is only a route to failure, don’t let your love or happiness rely on someone other than yourself. & If you are single this Valentine’s don’t think of it as a Valentine’s spent alone, do what makes you happy on the 14th and spend it with your girls or your family, I know I certainly will be!



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