What Do I Do? My Full Time Job/Career

Hi my friends!

Thank you all so much for voting on my polls on Instagram and telling me more of what you want to see. I will definitely be engaging with y’all through stories more, and I will be sharing more of my personal life too! I’ll start the series by telling y’all what I actually do for a living.

What do I do?

I am a Human Resources Director for a Hospitalist group here in Houston. What that means is I recruit, I interview, and I hire physicians (primarily internists) that solely do rounds in hospitals. Our group has about 38 physicians so I make their schedules, take care of their salary and benefits, and I work with them on how they can better their practice. That means I make sure they’re HCAHP scores are up, and if they aren’t how they can improve their performance. Along with that, I do the same thing for Nurse Practitioners/PA’s for our sister company. I recruit, interview, and hire them, and work with our admin to make sure it’s running smoothly. I also do a little bit of IT and payroll, I audit the expenses, and I am slowly taking on more responsibilities as we grow.

What I love about my job is the company culture and the flexibility the position offers me. I work directly under the CEO and Practice Administrator and that’s one thing I noticed when I entered healthcare, that unlike corporate America, healthcare is so much more laid back and the people no matter how high up they are, are always so nice and genuine. There’s no arrogance or ego when it comes to their roles and they are always willing to extend a hand.

How did I get here?

I worked for it. I started off as a patient liaison for the same company, and within 5 months I was promoted to the HR Director due to my passion and drive to manage the HR for the company. I worked really hard to prove that I can do it, and I was handed over the responsibility and have loved it since!

Never did I ever think when I was in University that I would go the healthcare route, but you know I embrace all opportunities that come my way and it’s been one of the best experiences. I not only learn so much about the back end of medicine, but I work with the best Doctor’s & coworkers who make my job that much more enjoyable.

It is true when they say if you love what you do, it never feels like you’re going to work. Of course this is only the beginning of my career, I plan on growing and my ambition won’t die.

So that’s what I do! I’d really appreciate if y’all could keep letting me know what you want to know more about me and what things y’all want me to write blog posts for! Don’t forget to subscribe to get notified of when I publish new posts!



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