Who I Truly Am + Changing Things Up

Hi my lovelies,

For years I’ve been sharing what I love on social media, from all things fashion to beauty, skincare and travels, but recently realized that what I share is no different than any other influencer on Instagram. I’ve been hearing from a lot of non-blogger friends that every time they scroll their feed, everyone’s content looks the same, every one is promoting some product or the other, and nothing really stands out anymore. This really got me thinking because yes, even though that is a huge part of being a influencer, having sponsored content, it’s not everything. Of course we all need the sponsorships to get paid, and I know anything I promote I really do use and love but I realized there’s so much more to me than just that.

So in an effort to switch things up and introduce who I really am on my page and my blog, I want to show a side of me that I shy away from showing and take y’all deeper into the things I’ve learned and the positive impact social media had on me growing up, things I was reluctant to share but would like to inspire with. I know I’ve touched on these subjects before in the past, but I want to dive deeper, show y’all how you can achieve the things I have, even what I would have done differently!

This doesn’t mean there will be no sponsored content or products I show, there 100% will be because that is part of my job and creating content for brands I believe in and love is a huge privilege, a dream come true! But I’d love to show it in a new light, something a little more meaningful than just “#ad swipe up to buy!” LOL.

I hope these small but meaningful changes help bring some light to your life, spark some positivity, and keep y’all coming back to my page for more. Through this transition I’d love for feedback, what you want me to talk about or see me do more of whether it’s fashion related or advice or business tips, whatever I can give my knowledge on I’d love to share!


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  1. March 22, 2019 / 2:50 pm

    i love this outfit, And sometimes its always great to take a little break from social media !!!

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