Winter Favorites 2018

Hi everyone!

I’ve been trying out and using some new products that have quickly become holy grail products for me this fall/winter so I have to share them with y’all because not only are these items on sale, but they make amazing Christmas/Holiday gifts too! 🙂

Lets start with books, I absolutely love snuggling up in bed with my candles lit and just reading a good book. The book I’ve been reading and am obsessed with is called Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender. It’s a book about enlightenment and a way of freeing negativity, which in my industry is a need. I’ll link this book it’s under $15 on Amazon and I haven’t been able to put it down!

Another great "book" is actually a photo book by Google! I love how easy it is to just curate your Google photos into a hard copy that you can gift, or get printed for yourself and it is so affordable (they start at $11!) so definitely check that out for gifting here.

The next favorite is a silk pillowcase, I know it sounds so extra but I received a silk pillowcase by MYK silk and my skin has never felt or looked this amazing. Its definitely a game changer, you can look up all the benefits but its proven to prevent wrinkles, better hair and skin, and is overall just healthier to sleep on. I have noticed the biggest difference in my skin so I definitely 100% recommend and will never sleep on anything else haha. Y’all can use the code FATIMA15 to shop their whole silk collection here.

I worked with Charlotte Tilbury to create a makeup look and my favorites from her collection that I don’t think I can ever live without are her Magic Cream, and Film Star Bronze & Glow palette. I have used so many moisturizers and granted this one is on the pricey side, it is worth every penny. My skin looks so smooth and so even without makeup on, and its such a rich moisturizer that a little goes a long way.

The Film Star Bronze & Glow palette is like wow y’all, the bronzer looks so natural but contours like none other, and the highlight is subtle yet powerful. I love!

Another holy grail product is the accupressure mat I talked about on my stories on Instagram. It is SO amazing, it’s over 8000 needles on a mat and you lay on it for 5-10 minutes every morning and all my back pain is gone for the whole day. I tried everything for my back pain from the physical therapist to the chiropractor and even yoga, but nothing works like laying on the mat for 10 minutes every morning. This one is only $20 and comes with a pillow too!

I’ve also been loving the Laura Mercier Caviar Shadow Sticks, I’ve been using Rose Gold for a long time and got 4 more minis, this whole set is $40 (one is originally $30 so you get 4 for $10 more!) and it makes doing eyeshadow so easy. Love love love these!

Lovehandle is also another brand I’ve been loving, they make smart phone grips but it makes carrying your phone so easy, they’re so much more affordable than any other smart phone grip, and easy to take on and off. Check them out here 🙂

& last but not least, ever since I discovered Shein I have been a fan and I loveee their stuff. So affordable, so cute, and such a huge selection. I get a lot of questions about sizing and quality so I’ll tell you, sizing I always go up 1 size. I’m a small at Zara so I order a Medium at Shein, and same for pants. As far as quality goes, you get what you pay for ya know? You can shop all my looks (and they’re all SO affordable) under my"Shop My Instagram"tab on my blog! You can also get 20% off with my code FATIMA04 🙂 Below are some of my favorite pieces from Shein.


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